The Plastic Ocean

Campaign, 2018

For the final major project towards the completion of a MA in Graphic Design, I designed a campaign against plastic pollution, specifically in regard to cutting down single usage plastics. I explored subversive ways to draw the viewer in and catch their attention to raise the memorability and interest in the content. The project was accompanied by a contextual report, which was titled 'How can design raise awareness in an influential way, for a positive impact on society?'

The concept of the designs, is an ocean created from plastic. This was achieved by creating collages out of plastic bags, and painting it with acrylic paint, to create a subversive image that at first glance may appear as a waterscape, but quickly becomes evident is plastic. The target audience is individuals that do not consider or are unaware about the impact from our plastic usage.

Extra photos of the plastic and paint collages, which showcase some of the materials experimented with.

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